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         History Of Calculus:
  1. The Implicit Function Theorem: History, Theory, and Applications by Steven G. Krantz, Harold R. Parks, June, 2002
  2. Analysis by Its History (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics. Readings in Mathematics) by Gerhard Wanner, Ernst Hairer, September, 1996
  3. The Pre-Calculus Problem Solver: A Complete Solution Guide to Any Textbook (Rea's Problem Solvers) by M. Fogiel, Staff of Research and Education Association, et all 1998
  4. A History of Vector Analysis: The Evolution of the Idea of a Vectorial System by Michael J. Crowe, February, 1994
  5. Fixed Point Theorems with Applications to Economics and Game Theory by Kim C. Border, April, 2003
  6. Short Calculus by Serge Lang, 29 November, 2001
  7. Calculus Gems: Brief Lives and Memorable Mathematics by George Finlay Simmons, 01 January, 1992
  8. A Calculus of Angels (The Age of Unreason , No 2) by J. Gregory Keyes, Greg Keyes, April, 1999
  9. History of the Calculus and Its Conceptual Development by Carl B. Boyer, April, 1989
  10. Basic Calculus: From Archimedes to Newton to its Role in Science by Alexander J. Hahn, Alex J. Hahn, July, 1998

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